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At K & G Immigration Law we’re specializing only in US Immigration Law – so, we’re the experts in what we do.

Our legal services provide comprehensive coverage of all areas related to US Immigration, Visas and Naturalization. We offer assistance with filing applications, obtaining documents, navigating the immigration process, understanding immigration laws, appealing denied applications, and providing legal advice on visa and naturalization matters.

We also provide guidance on citizenship and permanent residency status, deportation proceedings, and family-based immigration issues. In addition, we can assist with drafting legal documents and representing clients in federal immigration court. Our team of experienced attorneys and staff are committed to helping clients navigate the immigration process and achieve their desired outcome.

We offer immigration legal representation of individuals, families, businesses and enterprises, investors and employment-based situations, as well as reliable deportation defense in immigration court (EOIR), USCIS, ICE and DHS.

We do not see ourselves simply as 'immigration lawyers' but will always strive to be our clients' trusted adviser whether that be in a commercial or personal context. We provide additional services well beyond those that might be expected of an immigration law firm – including corporate legal solutions and post-conviction relief for immigrants.

Our core values are integrity and trust, the encouragement of innovation, teamwork and the continuing personal development of everyone at the firm.

We helped thousands of our clients to win their immigration cases and been serving immigrant communities of California and Nevada since 1989.

  • Family Immigration Law

  • Business Immigration Law

  • Deportation Defense and Asylum

  • Criminal defense and post-conviction relief for immigrants

  • Business Litigation and Estate Law for immigrants



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If you or your business is facing an immigration legal challenge, contact us today to arrange a consultation with an attorney.

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  • Our Beliefs

    Our firm is like family. We truly believe that each case is someone’s life and we need to treat it as such.

  • Rich Experience

    Experience gets the job done. K & G Immigration attorneys have more than 75 years of combined legal practice.

  • Great Results

    Results are only successful when we make a difference in your life. We’ll help you get the money and benefits.

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