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The team behind "K & G Immigration Law" includes two leading immigration attorneys — Christopher Kerosky and Liliana Gallelli — as well as multiple associate attorneys and paralegals who provide comprehensive services to our clients. These attorneys and paralegals help clients with their daily immigration needs, such as filing paperwork, responding to government inquiries, and submitting applications.

They also provide follow-up services, such as tracking the progress of applications and correcting errors. With the help of K & G Law's experienced immigration attorneys and paralegals, you can be confident that our client's legal matters will be handled with the utmost care, priority, and professionalism.

Most of our legal team members have been with the firm for over ten years, forming a deep bond and commitment to our business. Their experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping our business grow and succeed. From providing strategic advice to problem-solving, our team has been a driving force in our success.

The legal team at "K & G Immigration Law" speaks many languages, including fluent (native) Spanish and Portuguese. Also, we talk to Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Japanese, and Cantonese speakers in their languages - making our client communications easy and comfortable.

We are grateful to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals on our team. Many of our clients know them by their first name, taking care of clients from the beginning until the same person finishes their case.

We have been providing quality immigration law services since 1989, when our founders, Christopher Kerosky and Susanna Bogue, opened our first office in San Francisco, CA. We have developed a reputation for outstanding immigration legal services and excellence in all our endeavors.

Due to Susanna's retirement in 2020, we rebranded as "K & G Immigration Law" with new founder and partner Liliana Gallelli, who has been with the law firm since 2013.

Our experienced staff and commitment to our clients have enabled us to remain a leader in our industry for over 35 years. We take pride in our long-standing relationship with clients from different immigrant communities and look forward to serving them for many years.

Since our founding, we have been committed to providing comprehensive legal services to immigrants seeking a new home in the United States. Our team of experienced lawyers has helped thousands of immigrants with various legal issues, including applying for legal status, renewing visas, and representing clients in court.

We have grown significantly since our launch and have multiple locations across California and Nevada, allowing us to serve our clients better.

If you need help with your immigration legal needs – we will be happy to help, call us today, and our team will take care of you like a family.

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