What Clients Say?

Thanks to Susanna, I finally got a green card and I can move on with my life. Susanna is completely trustworthy and entirely competent. Plus, her rates are very reasonable.

Kara P.


Liliana Gallelli helped me and my family with expertise and professionalism". She is the best, we loved her! I highly recommend.

Sebastiano F.


My husband had a very tricky and messy situation and Susanna and her staff guided us through with confidence and professionalism.

Chelsey L.


Susanna filed a H1B for me a few years ago and I just had a consultation with her recently. You feel like she cares. Unfortunately not all immigration lawyers seem to be in it for this reason.

Georgie P.


We were referred to Susanna Bogue through friends of ours who had also used her services and could not have been happier. She knew what we wanted even before telling her and talked us through the whole process clearly and efficiently.

Michael B.


Susanna was happy to answer every single question we asked, even running over the one hour time without charging us extra. We were pretty much set with everything we needed after the one visit, but she still followed up via email at a later date as she'd still been following our Green Card application.

Chad T.


Liliana and her team were excellent, responsive, patient and attentive with our AOS case. Liliana and her team are very knowledgeable and up to date on all the changes with immigration. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an attorney.

Christian B.


I had a particularly odd case. Susanna was very diligent in sorting out all of the details and more thorough in keeping everything organized than I every could have been. There were countless times throughout the process that my wife and I said, "Thank God, we are not doing this on our own!"

Richard M.


A few years ago I was confronted with an expiring H1 visa and, because of being too trusting of a lousy employer, having waited too long to apply for a green card. Susanna took up my case and was wonderful help.

Eric S.


Liliana Gallelli helped me to adjust my status coming from an 'overstay' of my visitor visa, to permanent resident of the US, and just last week I received my Green Card in the mail!

Bruno D.


Susanna was wonderful help for us! So much so, I've referred her on to at least 5 of my friends, some with difficult circumstances. She made it all work for all of us. She's smart, kind, very knowledgeable, and prepped all of us so we knew what to expect. Thanks, Susanna!



Thank you so much Liliana Gallelli and Team for the fabulous work of getting my husband and I here in the USA. Thanks for your patience and guidance as we jumped each hurdle, made things very simple.We highly recommend her!

Nana B.


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